Here's How Much Sex You Should Be Having To Maintain Your Happy Relationship

Here's How Much Sex You Should Be Having To Maintain Your Happy Relationship

More sex means a better relationship. Right? Not necessarily.

According to a study published in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, having sex once a week is more than enough to maintain a happy relationship. Yes, you read that right! ONCE A WEEK. That’s it.

The study was done based off data collected on 25, 510 Americans between 18 to 89 years old, from surveys completed in 1996 and 1998. From that group, about two-thirds were either married or in committed relationships. While the rest of the participants were single.

Researchers found, based off participants who were in relationships, more sex CAN in fact heighten a relationship. Can’t say I’m surprised. But hang on, they also found that having sex once a week is more than enough. 

So basically, your relationship shouldn’t change, as long as you’re knockin’ boots at least once a week.

I’m sure a few of you might be suspicious. Don’t be!

The study determined couples who were having sex once a week were just as happy as couples who were getting it on more than that. Once a week is really the magic number! Science even says so.

"This showed a linear association between sex and happiness up to a frequency of once a week, but at higher frequencies there is no longer an association," Amy Muise, lead researcher of the study and social psychologist at the University of Toronto Mississauga, told NPR.

This all sounds great, but this study was conducted in the 90’s and it’s 2016. Things have definitely changed, especially when it comes to sexual appetites. That’s why a smaller study was recently done to see if sex once a week was still enough to maintain a happy relationship.

Guess what? IT IS! Researcher, Amy Muise and her colleagues conducted a similar study with 355 participants. They found that not much has changed. More sex can definitely make you happy. But having sex once a week shouldn't make you happier than if you were having sex 100 times a week (if that were even possible).  

So, for all those couples who think they need to make time to have sex a few times a week - you don’t. You certainly can! But your relationship will remain a happy and healthy one, even if you only have time to do it once a week. 

Hey, you’re busy! Sex is a luxury your schedule might not always have time for. I get it and so does science.  



Jordan White is a freelance writer and editor. She's a lover of all things chocolate and can usually be found lounging at the nearest coffee shop. She's based in Scottsdale, Arizona and hates the heat with a burning sensation. Her motto? "Obviously, yes!" 


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